Our Programs

Ages 2 — 5 Years

Our Programs

Ages 2 — 5 Years


Routines for 2 year olds are as follows:

  • They are taught how to use the bathroom and how to wash their hands, this is the highlight of their day.
  • They are taught how to feed themselves.
  • They are taught the basic Letter, Number and Colors, letter tracing and tracing of shapes.
  • They have age appropriate textbook and homework is given to them Monday through Friday.

Routines for 3 year olds are the same but they are more advanced, many three year olds know how to use the bathroom by themselves, they are supervised when going to the bathroom and not helped.

The 4-5 year olds are taught the following:

  • They are taught sight words.
  • They are taught basic math manipulatives.
  • They are taught how to put letters together using sounds to form words.
  • They know how to color within the lines and how to use scissors
  • They are given homework.


If a child is perceived to be advanced then that child is given work to further enhance their knowledge with the help of the center and parents we ensure that the child is challenged.

Each child no matter their age is given a book to take home every Friday for the weekend to read, and on Monday’s a child is chosen and then asked to talk about the book that they have read.

Children are given a “Piggy Bank” when they start attending the center, every Friday they engage in banking. This task serves two purposes: it teaches them about saving and it helps them with their fine motor skills.

The Center provides Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack. All meals are well balanced and meet the standards of The Child Care and Adult Food Program.