With Schools and Daycare Centers now able to re-open many parents and guardians are not sure if it is safe or how safe it is to send their child/ren back to Daycare. These guidelines were formed to assure parents and to make them aware of the rigorous measures that The Learning Curve Center Inc will take to ensure that while your child is within our care, we intend on making sure that they are protected to the best of our ability.

With this in mind, The Learning Curve Center Inc have developed an original re-opening guideline that will inform parents the many safety measures that we plan on taking in ensuring that their child/ren are safe while in our care, here at the Center.

The following guidelines that are listed below are what the Center will rightfully adhere to five (5) days a week if the Center is in operation.

  • The Center will open its doors.
  • The building will go through a rigorous cleaning i.e. wiping every chair and table, doorknobs, changing table, office furniture, tablets, and toys. The rugs and floor will be sprayed with the recommended CDC cleaning products.
  • The necessary paperwork will be filled out to ensure that all the required guidelines were followed and checked off.
  • Staff Members will do a daily temperature check upon entering the Center, their temperature check will be log.
  • Every Staff Member and child will have their clothing sanitized using a special machine before they proceed to the general population.
  • Each staff member and child must wear a mask to protect each other.
  • Each child will have their temperature checked before they enter the Center and it will be log upon entry.
  • The group size will be limited to no more than fifteen (15) children at any given time.
  • Staggered days and hours are encouraged and will be implemented as needed.
  • Before they start any given task within the building they will be taken to the bathroom where they will have their hands washed thoroughly with soap and water with the assistance of a staff member.
  • The Center will always have an excess of PPE on hand in the event a staff member or a child needs one.
  • The Center has a designated Sanitizing Station that will be well stocked with all the necessary CDC recommended items.
  • The Center will be cleaned and sanitized four (4) times per day.

If the virus is still with us by September and beyond and there is a resurgence of any sort, the following actions will be immediately taken and implemented:

  • The Center will immediately switch over to online learning via Zoom.
  • Packages will be printed out and sent to parents via email.
  • Classes will be done strictly online for an extended period.
  • Each parent will be asked to give their contact information once their child is enrolled in the Center.
  • The Center will introduce the children to the online learning once per week for the purpose of familiarizing them with the system.